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turning 40


Yesterday I celebrated my birthday, it was an awesome day and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Soon I will be turning 40. I pondered over it and came to certain realizations.

2018, a New Year, a new chapter in the book called life, another feather in your age cap.

A lot of things happened in 2017 – some were good and some not so good. The adage goes – ‘good things give you experience and bad gives you lessons’, both are very important part in order to grow in life. Yes, I am using the word ‘grow’ because I compare myself to a tree, standing tall with roots that are so strong and deep. My both kids have grown up a bit more and have witnessed a lot of ups and downs in my life. Some drama created by family, friends, and people around me made them witness things that they shouldn’t have. But, in the process of all this – I have learnt to discover myself a little deeper. I have gone a step closer to spirituality which makes me calmer and has helped me discover my true self.

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Soon I will be turning 40. Yes, I am disclosing it. I am no more afraid of telling it to the world. Turning 40 is going to be a milestone in my life. To me, it means now I have choices, freedom to speak my mind. A few years back, I would be embarrassed to say openly that I like someone or I have a crush on someone. But today it is so easy to tell even to my husband. That’s just an example of the openness in my thoughts and the feeling of my need to speak what I feel, without being afraid of being judged.

Dear God. Thanks for the beautiful life.

And forgive me if sometimes it seems as if I don’t love it enough.

At this age, I realized that as soon as you step forward for your happiness all things fall into right place by itself. For all these years I kept thinking what will happen once I start my job. How my sweet home will be managed, how kids react and behave.Though it still comes to my mind, I have realized that I have to do things that make me happy. If I am not happy, then how am I going to spread happiness in the lives of people who matter to me? So, this year I took a step forward and started my food blog. Food blogging is giving me some time off the mundane daily routine and keeps me occupied. And I found that things for which I was worried earlier are slowly falling into place some way or other.

I have started to like this new me.

I prefer to spend time with my new found love for blogging, learning photography, using new props in some shots, editing write up posts, and leveraging my work on social media.There are few ways I am learning to add some meaning to my life. And I do this by learning something new every day – by watching some real story based movies, exploring new recipes, reading Sadhguru books, helping others unconditionally, loving more and letting go things that don’t matter.

At this crossroad in life, I have realized that I have come a long way. I have been hurt and left stranded by people who were family. But, life has been kind as well – it has given me lessons and I have learned to move on. It has been a gradual process and today I am standing tall to say “I Love You Bhawana”. I am in love with this new change in me. I am more self-assured, confident and know where and when to express myself. That is how I have grown up.

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2 thoughts on “Turning 40 | What It Means To Me #MondayMusings #MondayBlogs

  1. I could see a transformation through your narration Bhawana. And it so heartening to see you emerge victorious with each step in the right direction, the direction that is guided by your heart and supported a strong thinking mind.
    Keep walking, the life awaits!

  2. Hey Bhawna this is an awesome self confession; I made it too when I turned 40 and I too think this is the best place to be in. I am more sorted in my thought process, know what I dont want and most importantly I put myself before others when it comes to my happiness. Cheers to you and may this journey be alive and beautiful for you!

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