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Life Lessons from Flowers #MondayMusings #MondayBlogs #mg

Life Lessons From Flowers. Everything in nature has something to teach us. We just have to be open to receive the knowledge and wisdom.

 Life Lessons from Flowers There is something about flowers that attract all of us. Their beauty soothes our senses, their colour and vibrant hues add a note of freshness to our lives. Their company uplifts our mood when we are feeling down. Flowers make me very happy. I feel a certain delight when I am in their company and I can’t describe the feeling in words. I recently visited the Empress Botanical Garden in Pune to enjoy the Annual Flower Show. It was such an amazing experience. Colourful, bright-hued flowers were truly a feast for the eyes and soul. A visit there…

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Inspiring Quotes, Positive Living

10 Motivational Quotes That Can Inspire You Every Day

Motivational Quotes That Can Inspire You Every Day |

Words in motivational quotes work like magic – they have an inherent ability to uplift our mood, motivate us, and change the way we feel or think almost instantly. There are days when we feel low and need something to inspire us so that we can to get ourselves going. I am sure it happens to all of us at some point in time.  When I face such moments, motivational quotes often come to my rescue. We are already into the last week of January. This month has gone a little too fast for me. I did make some progress…

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