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Happiness means different things to different people. And the same thing cannot bring happiness to everyone under every circumstance. Isn’t it?

Happiness is crucial to our existence. So, we should often do things that make us happy {of course, with no harm to others :-)}.

After a lot of good conversation over many cups of masala chai, we created this space – Happiness Quotient – to share with the world the things that make us happy.

So, this blog is not about one thing – it is about many little things in life – each of which increases our ‘Happiness Quotient’ one spoonful at a time.happiness quotientWe welcome you to our blog and we hope that with our posts we can do our tiny-bit to add little happiness and sunshine to your day.

Here is something you would like to know about us –

Meet Bhawana

An ex-software professional and a mom of two super active kids, today I wear many hats.

I left the corporate world after I became a mom and it has been a different game altogether. After marriage, while I was still working I decided to learn the basics of cooking to eat healthily and since then there has been no looking back. I love creating new recipes, creating healthier versions of age-old recipes by minimizing refined ingredients and by using healthier cooking methods. Of late, the bug of food photography has bitten me and I am having fun clicking my food pictures.

Home cooked healthy and hearty meals fill my palate and soothe my soul. I truly believe that ‘our body is the only place we have to live in’ and that ‘a healthy mind needs a healthy body to thrive’.

Crafting has been another of my passions. I also love travelling, listening to music, and reading books. Life has been a whirlwind for me and it has also been my biggest teacher. I strongly believe in positive affirmations and miracles, and that we can achieve anything if we have the will.

Meet Jyoti

A freelance content writer, a blogger, a homemaker, and a mom of a super-active toddler, life is all about the balancing act for me.

I am a believer of the maxim – books are our best friends. Reading a good book uplifts my mood and acts as a stress buster. Food inspires me – from trying new dishes, creating new recipes or food photography – I enjoy all of them. I also write about them on my personal blog – Jyoti’s Pages.

I absolutely enjoy good food, good books and good company. Taking long walks, listening to music, meeting a good friend over a cup of tea, baking the perfect cake,  – all these little things make me happy is their own way.